Dear Puppy 3

Dear Puppy 3

You know, sometimes we fight a lot, and it’s really painfull. but when we stop and remember how much we love each other and start over. It reminds us to keep going, to remember whats important in life.


Dear Kitten Day 4: Fetch is Hard for Kitties

You don’t have to turn yourself upside down for me to love you =)


Dear Kitten Day 3

I know you’re having a rough day, so I hope this will cheer you up Kitten.Image

Dear Kitten Day 2

Hope this makes u smile too.


Journal Comic 2

Dear Puppy 2


Sometimes even kittens can make a mess of things, and sometime we do the same thing with our relationships.


Dear Kitten, Day 01

I couldn't sleep last night

June 8,2012

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